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You are good at what you do, what you make.  As your on-call logistics department, we are good at getting it where you or your customer wants it, one time, undamaged, fully compliant, and cost effectively. 

Geopolitical trends are drastically changing the rules for trade between countries. As new realities for moving products around the world evolve, documentation requirements, costs, and liabilities are increasing. For companies that aren't in the logistics business, learning the ropes of transnational trade costs money and time, while adding points of failure to an already complex process.

Unlike a freight forwarder, Strategic Global Trade Solutions represents shippers, delivering master-level shipping and documentation expertise, enabling our clients to reduce risk while focusing on their own operations.

No one cares more about your cargo than you do, but we will look after it with the same level of concern. Carriers, modes, routing, trade regulations are all moving targets, where simple errors or lack of attention can lead to direct financial consequences.
Strategic Global Trade Solutions is your cargo's global advocate, offering the following services:
  • RFI
  • RFQ
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Breakbulk
  • Bulk
  • Container
  • Domestic
  • International
  • Routing
  • Mode selection
  • Carrier selection
  • Track and Trace
  • Logistics optimization
  • CIPL preparation
  • Classification and ECCN designation
  • USPPI obligations
  • Inventory Management
  • Internal material flow, unloading dock to end user
  • Onsite Management of special lifts
  • Warehouse and Storage coordination
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Crew Change
  • Crew Travel
  • Corporate Travel
Logistics Services


Strategic Global Trade Solutions LLC applies nearly 40 years of international trade leadership to meet its clients’ needs in a customized, responsive, and cooperative way, evolving logistics from a series of transactions into a cooperative relationship.

Strategic and project-based Supply Chain and Logistics planning, management, execution, and continuous improvement.
Assistance with developing, revising, and most importantly protecting Operational, Supply Chain, or Logistics budgets, focused on the total spend per project.  SGTS focuses on the client’s overall profitability, ensuring logistics and supply chain actions are compatible with the success of each project.
SGTS participates in project planning such that Logistics and Supply Chain factors are fully accounted for, ensuring synergy  with the client’s operational and financial goals.  SGTS will act as a trustworthy source of practical and reliable information on the impact of Logistics and Supply Chain factors as plans are made, managed, and perhaps revised.
RFI, RFQ, and RFP Management, driving both financial and supplier/carrier/forwarder performance results.
Research and provide a consolidated proposal for logistics and supply chain projects, including quotes from the most favorable suppliers, carriers, forwarders, customs house brokers for the full scope of the project.
SGTS works with the client to suggest agreements and terms between each of the approved suppliers and service providers, and manages those agreements to the extent allowed by the client.
SGTS provides an after-action report on the selected suppliers, the plan, and if the client so choses, the client’s performance as well, focused on execution, savings, and continuous improvement.


With a proven track record in a range of logistically-challenging industries, SGTS Logistics offers a reliable and dependable resource to ensure international cargoes reach their end markets safely and on time.



Successful negotiation with China Customs to break a dispute and secure a port clearance for a client vessel, saving the client more than $10 million USD.



Urgent charter airlift of a large part, arranged at a discount, negotiated with FAA to secure permission to use a foreign aircraft, saving client approximately $1 million USD.



 Arrangement of portable pipelay equipment, 2000 revenue tons from, UK to Ingleside, TX.  Cargo arrived in time to be used on a new project, avoiding liquidated damages for the client.

Container ship at port 760.jpg


New Country entry activities into Suriname, including agency, brokerage, crew change, supplier, caterer selection and management.  Proper departure from country, with legal tax and duty avoidance.



Consulted for a large famous electric car manufacturer to provide production line spares and streamline internal material movement.  Designed and presented vendor managed inventory system. Demonstrative savings of 8% over previous arrangement, amounting to more than $150,000 USD.


Strategic Global Trade Solutions LLC  Tel: 281-840-3753

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